Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why gun training sucks

Gun training sucks because they don't teach you how to survive the deadly encounter that you would have to use a gun for... they teach you part how to survive the encounter and part how to teach so as to not incur liability for themselves, for you or for the institution you may be associated with.

So that is why gun fighting classes suck.. they are not teaching you the real deal, they are teaching you
1. what is safe for them to train you on with live weapons
2. A way to fight that is "free of liability issues"

I was starting to think they were just stupid... glad I figured it out.

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  1. Something is better than nothing. Getting firearms training and martial art training both are useful in ones life because they help you protect yourself from criminals. I don't agree with the statement that gun training sucks. If you get yourself registered in a good MA Firearms School certified by NRA then you can learn almost all the basics and advanced tactics of utilizing the gun for your safety.



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